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You Need This Cordless Vacuum Pump from JAVAC!

Allows you to pull down your system to a much deeper vacuum quickly!

Given how hazardous refrigerant can be, many engineers will ensure that the pump they employ is dependable. It's tempting to go with a less expensive model when you're just starting in the HVAC sector. But remember, it's critical to make sure the vacuum pump is up to the task. That's why you need this cordless vacuum pump!

Of course, every professional has a preference for selecting the best vacuum pump. However, not everyone is aware of all of the alternatives. Yes, it's critical to guarantee that liquids are moved correctly. But engineers must also ensure that the vacuum pump can enhance productivity.

No vacuum pump can handle every job without having drawbacks. That's why HVAC professionals must be aware of the possibilities available to ensure that they have access to the correct equipment at all times.

The CDC30 Cordless Vacuum Pump can appear similar to other HVAC vacuum pumps, yet it has some unique qualities.


CDC30 is the only battery-operated two-stage vacuum pump. This feature makes it ideal for applications such as home splits and commercial installations.

The CDC-30's battery life is roughly 50 minutes. This is plenty of time for an engineer to complete an installation, given that it creates a deeper vacuum than other pumps.

It's not only battery-powered, but it's also one of the few cordless vacuum pumps with a gas ballast valve.

The pump achieves a 15-micron ultimate vacuum and runs softly when in use. The battery needed is a typical AEG 18V battery, commonly found in power drills.


It would help if you considered several variables to determine whether the CDC30 is a suitable portable vacuum pump for you.

HVAC technicians' responsibilities vary widely. Therefore, determining the advantages of a CDC30 portable vacuum pump depends on how heavy the applications you're dealing with.

A wired vacuum pump is a way to go if you're usually working with multiple applications.

However, this doesn't suggest that the CDC30 Cordless Vacuum Pump is not useful when there's no power available or while maintaining a risk-free atmosphere.


Many engineers have found success with vacuum pumps linked to power outlets throughout the years. But it has been proven that there can be limitations when dealing with an application with a set deadline. It could be due to various factors. It includes limitations on researching the application and the possibility of health and safety risks in specific instances.

As a result, there will be instances when a cordless vacuum pump is preferable to a power outlet vacuum pump.

If you notice that a wired vacuum pump is causing you problems regularly, the CDC30 could be a good buy.

Similarly, some people may be seeking a reserve vacuum pump that doesn't require electricity.

Although power outages are uncommon, they do occur. As a result, engineers search for additional safeguards to ensure undistracted productivity.

Even if there is no outlet accessible, the CDC30 cordless vacuum pump can guarantee that you always have access to a vacuum pump.


There may be a need to fulfil a specified vacuum depending on the developed application.

Some engineers may only require a one-stage pump when working with high vacuum levels.

As the name implies, a two-stage vacuum pump will provide more vacuum because two processes are in operation when the vacuum pump is working.

The pump's high vacuum stage pulls in the process gas before transferring it to a low-pressure chamber to achieve a deep vacuum.

Identifying which pump is ideal for you ensure that you make the best initial investment.

Although a two-stage vacuum pump is typically more expensive than a one-stage vacuum pump, it can be a valuable tool for engineers working with specialized equipment.

It doesn't mean that a one-stage pump isn't worth considering; it's simply a matter of deciding which pump will perform best for you in the field.


Given the wide range of applications that engineers work on, it would be unethical to say that you should use a single vacuum pump for all repairs and installations.

The CDC-30, on the other hand, is the only cordless vacuum pump with a two-stage operation, making it a piece of one-of-a-kind equipment.

Professionals will need to examine other pumps if they use a vacuum pump for an extended period.

The CDC-30's battery provides enough power to complete one appointment, but you can't use it as a primary vacuum pump for big applications.


The Javac CDC30 Cordless Vacuum Pump is one of the best in the market. Place an order for this special HVAC equipment from HVAC Shop in Australia.

If you're not sure if the CDC-30 is right for you or want some guidance on what type of vacuum pump will work best in your situation, contact HVAC Shop now to discuss your needs in greater depth.

The CDC-30 cordless vacuum pump shows that even the most unique needs can be met when purchasing tools from the right provider. Every vacuum pump supplied by HVAC Shop goes through rigorous checks. However, the CDC-30 shows that even the most unique needs can be met when purchasing tools from the right provider.