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Best AC Cleaning Bag: Hydrobag

This AC Cleaning Bag will make aircon cleaning easier!

Your aircon deserves the best treatment for it to perform at its best. For A/C business owners or DIYers, having a great AC cleaning bag is a handy tool for cleaning. Check out Hydrobag, one of the best aircon cleaning bags in the market.

Best AC Cleaning Bag: Hydrobag

The New Hydrobag was created in Australia with split aircon systems in mind. You can use this bag repeatedly to collect all of the dirt, filth, and mould found in split air conditioners. You can also use it to clean your A/C unit at home or in the office. It's a must-have for any A/C company that prides itself on meticulous preventative maintenance.

You'll have repeat business and maintenance contracts for years to come once your consumers notice the polluted water from their air conditioners.

The Hydrobag features an aluminium concertina structure that is lightweight and durable. The bag is composed of water-resistant 1200 denier material. It has an adjustable splashback sheet with straps and eyelets for various split systems.

A drainage hole and locking nut made in New Zealand is located at the base. You can then place a bucket or container underneath to catch any runoff.

Split-Type Aircon Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to clean my air conditioner on my own?

By spraying your aircon from the inside out with a hose with medium water pressure, you may successfully remove filth and accumulation from the fins. It's vital to highlight that if you're unclear about how to complete this stage, you should get professional help.

Do Split Units Need Cleaning?

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Split Air Conditioner? The first benefit is that the air quality in your home will improve. The filters on your air conditioners catch dust and bacteria. These filters can become filled with moisture and attract mould if they aren't cleaned regularly.

When Should You Clean A Split-Type Air Conditioner?

There are two kinds of air conditioners: split and multi-split. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, you should clean the filter every two weeks. Wash the filter with water or vacuum it to remove any dust. Rinse in lukewarm water with soap and hang to dry and out of direct sunlight when excessively dirty.

Is it necessary to clean or change my filters?

This question is dependent on the unit you have, as filters come in a variety of varieties, each with a varied efficiency. Some filters are reusable, and you can clean them regularly, while others are disposable and must be replaced frequently.

Is it necessary for me to clean my filters often?

According to HVAC Shop experts, we recommend cleaning your air conditioner filter every six weeks during peak cooling seasons. Then three times a month for the rest of the year. However, this depends on your requirements and the environment you live in. If you have dogs or use your air conditioner frequently, for example, we recommend cleaning these more regularly. If you only use the system sometimes and keep it clean, you may not have to clean it as often.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Hydrobag AC Cleaning Bag

At HVAC Shop, we always aim to offer affordable and high-quality products to help your A/C business grow. We guarantee quality and an easier cleaning process with Hydrobag aircon cleaning bags. You can buy it separately or opt to purchase our aircon cleaning kit, which comes with the Hydrobag, Hydrocell Pressure Washer, and Coil Cleaner.

Don't hesitate to contact us today for your HVAC equipment needs in Australia.